Bendite Culture: Staying Active through COVID-19


Brooke Leggat, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Look outside your suburban home in northwest crossing and you may notice a similar theme of lululemon leggings and sweat streaked faces on the mission for fitness. This is the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic as Bendites find alternative ways of exercising. While Oregon’s pandemic protocol lowers the bar on community guidelines, some of Bend’s favorite workout outlets have closed their doors for the time being.

Bendite culture, famous for it’s outdoorsy and active disposition has suffered tremendous alterations throughout the process. With lit up “STAY HOME” signs illuminating streets, and social media posts promoting Bend’s population to social distance, Bend’s population has been forced to traverse new forms of active life.

With decreased populations on trails, as well as popular tourist attraction Mt. Bachelor shutting down for the majority of the winter season, several Bendites have opted to find their own ways to workout between the walls of their own homes and neighborhoods, all the while preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Storm student body, especially student athletes, are amongst this bunch constantly trying to get creative in order to stay fit during the pandemic.

Sophomore Anna Kleinsmith, a dual-sport athlete for the Storm, has been able to keep up with her school work all the while finding new, interesting ways to stay fit.

“Staying fit is a priority for me,” Kleinsmith said. “I have been playing lots of wall ball for lacrosse, as well as running and Chloe Ting workout challenges”.

With online workout class subscriptions sometimes costing well over $100 dollars, Chloe Ting, a young youtuber has offered a variety of free virtual workout options, said to bring great results to those who complete them. Active individuals like Kleinsmith have utilized these workouts as an at-home remedy to staying fit.

Sophomore Storm soccer player, Sophie Cauble akin to Kleinsmith has also found new ways to stay active.

“I’ve been running a lot, as well as practicing soccer and doing ab workouts,” Cauble said. “I love playing with my dog and just being outside too”.

With Bend’s sunny reputation, Cauble definitely isn’t the only one utilizing the great outdoors  to get outside and be active.

As student athletes continue to grapple with missed spring seasons, at-home workout remedies have proved to be somewhat fulfilling for Storm’s athlete population. It is safe to say that our community’s outdoorsy disposition has not been phased by COVID-19, as Bendites have gotten creative to keep up with their active lifestyles.