A Girls Lacrosse Shoutout to the One and Only: Kora Battleson

The senior gives a look back on her time spent with the girls lacrosse team over the years


Picture some funky earrings, bright blue blockbuster sweatpants, space buns and a beast on defense. Meet: the giggles and grins in Summit girls lacrosse, Kora Battleson. One of the girls lacrosse captains this year, Battleson is an absolute killer on the field with her defensive position and a great team leader, always playing with a huge smile. Battleson has been playing on the Summit varsity girls lacrosse team since she was a sophomore, after a successful freshman season on junior varsity. Her drive, positive attitude and skill is vital to the teams success on and off the field. This year, she looks back on her past seasons spent on the team and looks forward to what’s next.

For many athletes, there are often certain moments from their time playing that stand out above the others. For Battleson, there is no shortage of fun memories and good times.

“My most exciting moment has been all the team bonding, especially this year. I feel like we have grown so much as a team with our attitude and energy,” said Battleson.

She spoke of her past favorite seasons, and why they stood out amongst the others

“I have loved all my lacrosse seasons in high school but I think my senior year is my favorite so far… all the girls are so inspiring and continue to push me to try harder everyday,” said Battleson.

As a senior, Battleson won’t be returning to the program next year, which has given her an altered perspective and appreciation for the time she has left playing with the team she loves.

“This is my last year. It’ll be my last time playing with the same girls since 3rd grade and it’s coming to an end… I’m still pumped for our games and all the memories we make at practice,” said Battleson.

Every year the team develops its own quirks, strong suits, performances and practice. The team dynamic constantly changes and evolves.

Battleson was asked what she thinks the team’s dynamic is and spoke on her view of the team as a whole and what’s seen on and off the field.

“It has to be how we always manage to play better the second half of a game, it has its advantages and disadvantages but it’s who we are,” said Battleson.

Half-time plays a beneficial role in the team culture as they regroup and mentally focus on the half ahead.

“During half-time we gain so much energy and cheer each other up to bring back out hype,” said Battleson

While it’s good to have team comradery and love for this sport, it’s also ideal to have good equipment. Not one player has made it through a season without failing at this task, keeping track of their mouth guard.

“I have gone through so many brands, colors, some with braces or no braces, mouth pain, pretty much every type of mouthguard you can picture. If I had to guess, I’ve gone through eight mouth guards just in high school,” said Battleson

Pro tip from Battleson: Shock Doctor is her favorite brand so far.

After her time on the field and in the classrooms of Summit High School, Battleson has an exciting and action-packed year ahead of her.

“I am taking a gap year and heading to South America. I will be traveling, volunteering, backpacking and experiencing a new culture,” said Battleson.

As she leaves her mouth guards and team behind, Battleson take a quick look forward to what’s next and it’s extremely far from boring, On top of that, once she is finished abroad, she will head over to the University of Oregon.

And one more thing she is amazing at: interviews! What can’t this girl do? Battleson truly has a soft spot for girls lacrosse and gives her all to the sport. She just wants to see the team thrive. While she’s leaving them behind next year, her smile and leadership will carry on.