World Athletics Bans Trans Women From Competing In World-Ranking Track and Field Competitions

World Athletics has recently banned transgender women from competing in world-ranking track and field competitions as well as swim events. The new regulations prohibit athletes who have gone through male puberty from engaging in female competitions. These new rules will be put in place on March 31. Athletes, however, who have transitioned before experiencing male puberty or before the age of 12, will be allowed to compete. 

 Male puberty increases the level of testosterone one has in their body, so if someone transitioned before reaching male puberty, they have lower levels of testosterone in their body, compared to someone who transitioned after puberty.

 Sebastian Coe, World Athletics President reassures that these regulations are not forever. Still, as science shows that males have advantages in physical performance, they must “maintain fairness for female athletes above all other considerations.”

 Coe says as more information becomes available surrounding the difference between the performance of trans women and biological women, the new World Athletics regulations will develop and change.

 International Rugby league is now following World Athletics in implementing these new regulations, banning all transwomen from competing until further research has been conducted.