Get to Know the Man Who Protects Summit: Officer Scott Schaier

In times of violence and fear, it is important to know that you are protected and who you are protected by


Maria Bartness, Staff Writer

From Phoenix to Los Angeles, to the Las Vegas strip, Officer Scott Schaier can now be found in the small town of Bend. He roams the halls of Summit as well as other schools west of Highway 97, between the hours of 6 am to 4 pm. Schaier has had his fair share of life experiences, as he has been in the police force for 14 years, 9 of those years located in Oregon. He has been a School Resource Officer at the majority of schools in the Bend-La Pine district. 

He is passionate about his line of work and has dedicated his life to being a police officer. An SRO is a police officer whose primary place of work is at schools. They are there to protect students and staff. Becoming an SRO requires drive and determination amongst other things like passing interviews, certificates and training. Schaier is passionate for his chosen line of work.

“Out of all the special assignments I’ve had in my career, this one is probably the most fulfilling one,” said Schaier. His other assignments have consisted of being a crisis intervention officer, a training officer, taser instructor, firearms instructor and being part of the swat team, to name a few. Highlights of his career have been arresting Paris Hilton, having a role on the show Cops and running for Deschutes County Sheriff.

“The constant trauma that we live in as police officers is detrimental,” said Schaier. “We have the highest suicide rates than any profession, highest addiction rates, and a high divorce rate.”

Schaier is an advocate for mental health, especially for first responders, which is something that he wanted to change when he was running for County Sheriff in 2020, which he lost. 

Vice Principal Denise Horton expressed her gratitude for Officer Schaier and his role in the community.

“I know we are so lucky to have him a part of our Summit community,” said Horton. “He has been so helpful to staff, students and families. He always brings a positive attitude, and is super helpful, not just in school events but also extracurriculars. I’m just incredibly grateful.”

Editors Note: Officer Scott Schaier has recently informed Summit that he is resigning from his SRO position before winter break. Schaier plans on moving to Arizona with his family, along with pursuing a new career in Real Estate. December 5-9 will be his last week here at Summit.