One Man’s Junk, Another Man’s Treasure

Small Bend thrift store Regroup makes its way to the top


Andra Lavik

Regroup has it all—from everyday pants and shirts, all the way to speakers and CDs. Started in Bend by Bill and Kathleen Leppert, the store can be seen filled with people of all ages and clothes with different stories. This thrift store is located on the eastside of Bend, and there’s nothing you won’t find here. 

“I’ve never left the store and not bought anything, and they have better clothing than a lot of the other thrift stores in Bend,” said Rosie Mosley, a sophomore from Montana who used to live in Bend.

Regroup has used treasures from every possible category, part of what makes it one of the top ten thrift store picks in Bend. 

“I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars,” said a Summit student who wished to remain anonymous.

With older 90s- and 2000s-era clothing styles coming back, Regroup has all your four-season needs. Despite being secondhand, you can find classy items for a job, a pair of cozy christmas pajama pants or a new trendy school outfit. They have many brands you know and love—for half of the original price, if not less.

“One time I even found a Calvin Klein mini bag that I use all the time, and they have a lot of designer items,” Mosley said.

The store is practically always open—operating 7 days a week—allowing for customers with all assortments of schedules to come and shop or just browse. Regroup is the perfect shopping choice if you are trying to save money, with prices ranging as low as $1. 

Prices can fluctuate with what you want to buy, but on Sundays from 10 am to 12 pm, Regroup has an amazing bin deal where they set out bins of clothes all marked $1. The store is especially appealing to high schoolers, since most teens drive and work, and choose to save for cars and gas. That way, teens don’t have to spend all their money getting a fresh outfit for double the price it would be elsewhere.  

Ever since the pandemic, the dressing rooms and bathrooms have been shut down, so it can be tricky if you want to try on something but don’t have a place to.

“I haven’t actually looked around the whole store, I go straight to the pants,” said two anonymous students from Summit. 

The store has many things if you take a quick walk around, as you will never know what you might find. Regroup has great picks for children and older ages, as they accept all donations, whatever it may be. Customer service has always been a breeze—the employees tend to all possible needs and make sure you find everything you’re looking for. 

If you have a passion for good finds for an economical price, Regroup will surely fulfill your needs—if you have a spare moment to find its treasures.