New Sprite Bottle

Is Sprite’s new look bringing down sales?


Hannah Hatfield, Staff Writer

I found myself wandering the store isles of Safeway on the east side location, looking like an idiot. The lime green bottle always jumped out at me, it was familiar, I always could expect the fizz to flow throughout my sinuses bringing me to tears in its glory. Where is it? Still pacing back and forth past the drinks, a family silently judging my worried self. I finally saw it, pure disgust took my small smile and threw it out the window. I stared at the bottle for a second trying to understand what I was seeing, the rich green color was gone, it was left lifeless. A clear plastic bottle had the nerve to hold the sprite label upon itself. I left wondering just why they would take away the original design that we all know and love. Does it even have the same fizz I can feel in my brain, the same ahhh after the first sip. 

“I do not like it, it is not festive for the spriteness of sprite, and it should be discontinued.” Summit sophomore Olivia Heizer says.

Hiezer also hints at bringing back early versions of this soda. “I hate the new color, actually there is no color, that’s why it’s so bland.” States Abby Fagan, a fellow student. We talked more on this and agreed that the new version blends in with the other soda bottles. Yet sprite is a clear drink, it gives me the sense of a plain taste like water and that is not the kind of thing I want to expect. The green bottle held a certain flavor. I will always put two and two together. “I like the green, I want the green back.” says Jackson Dean-Ziegler, also a sophomore at Summit. Sprite has had a hold on all our hearts for the longest time, and this new change seems to upset this year’s generation as well as myself. Let’s stay green.