Damn Gravy You So Vicious, How Come You Now Got a Mistress?

A Review on Yung Gravy and Sheri Nicole


Madelyn Walsh, Staff Writer

Gossip Girl is now blogging about old famous people and their young, new babes, the closest our generation can get to a scandalous affair—in this case, it’s @sherinicole, single influencer mom  and 6 foot 6 inch Yung Gravy’s new Shorty. Following his number one hit “Betty,” Gravy’s fascination for MILFs has gotten him a boo. Matthew Raymond Hauri’s [Yung Gravy] first hint at attraction hit TikTok on July 14, 2022, when he duetted a video of a user pointing out that Sheri was ready to mingle. It’s no surprise that Sheri Nicole Easterling, mother of famous influencer Addison Rae and ex-wife to narcissistic boxer Monty Lopez, has had relationship trouble in the past. Lopez allegedly had a five-month affair with now 26-year-old Renée Ash who claimed in an interview for Page Six that “…he misled me on his marriage [with Easterling].” Twenty-six-year-old Yung Gravy is the perfect rebound for Sheri.

To some, it was a surprise, to others not so much when Yung Gravy brought Sheri as his plus-one to the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28, 2022. This was the first major public display of their relationship. Multiple times throughout the event, Yung Gravy and Sheri Nicole locked lips, a captivating kiss the paparazzi couldn’t miss. After the PDA, media platforms—specifically Tik Tok and Twitter—are buzzing with partly-shocked Yung Gravy fans and numerous threats toward the rapper. Monty is more furious than ever, a hot shot rapper with his ex-wife! 

Avoiding drama (and further embarrassment), Addison has made sure to distance herself from her family on multiple social media platforms, First unfollowing her biological father, Monty Lopez, in June following the cheating allegations, then Sheri in August. Suspiciously, Addison gained more followers and fans after her ‘rebellious’ split. Followers aren’t the only thing the Rae family has gained since the summer. Rumor has it Yung Gravy’s a rapping baby daddy. Go-piss-girl…on that pregnancy test.