Summit’s Courtyard Beautification

Keep your eyes peeled for Interact club’s makeover on our most underused space


Ava Bien, Staff Writer

Summit High School’s courtyard may appear neglected at first glance, but bettering the area has been in the works for nearly three years. In Spring 2019, McKenzie Harris, a sophomore at the time, suggested a refresh of Summit’s courtyard. In order to make it a place where students would actually enjoy spending time, it was quickly agreed upon that this project would be worth their while. 

Harris explained in her pitch that she hadn’t stepped foot in the courtyard until nearly two years into her academic career at Summit. This caused her to realize that the great potential it had was being wasted by the lack of care being put into it. 

Covid-19’s impact on this project, much like everything else at the time, caused it to be halted, with efforts just now getting picked up again, several years later. Though Harris has now graduated, her idea is being carried on by the Interact club’s current members and leaders. 

“As a member of the Interact club board, I wanted to start this project up again to continue what those before me had started,” Katy Klein, senior at Summit describes. 

The project aims to continually refresh the courtyard, by improving it and adding more to it each year. Making a place that will be utilized by students, whether that’s through studying, relaxing, or enjoying student art. The project’s initial steps start with cleaning up the area, and adding benches and tables for students. 

Bruce Abernethy, Interact club’s advisor, describes the club’s goals, such as adding games like cornhole and student art displays and sculptures. However, only time will be able to tell exactly what will be plausible for the new area. Covid-19 is to blame for much of this uncertainty in plans with club meetings being less steady and communications between clubs being strained throughout the pandemic. 

“Environmental club, woodshop, the arts department and StuCo are all helping with the project,” Klein added. 

Interact club aims to get as many clubs and organizations involved as possible and connect with people with varying interests and experiences. Doing so will create a more inviting space for all students and build a better sense of community within Summit. 

“Interact is about three things: community service, helping students learn leadership skills, and helping them learn to live a life of purpose,” said Abernethy, describing the core values behind the project. 

It will strengthen Summit’s community through both the finished product and the process of working together and communicating with various groups of people to create a much-needed change.