A Bite Sized Compilation of Your Oregon Governor Candidates


Ella Byrnes, Staff Writer

Seniors, are you 18, and have your driver’s license? Congratulations, you are registered to vote!  Have you neglected to take the time to review the candidates for Oregon state governor? Say no more! Below you will discover each and every candidates main perspectives and values contained in a nut shell for your convenience.

Your Democratic Candidates:

Julian Bell Candidate Bell encourages our community to invest in electric cars, leaf blowers, and other energy saving electronics. As income goes up, so does our greenhouse gas emissions.“We must replace a broken fossil fueled item with an electric one” States Bell in the mailed out voters pamphlet.

Wilson Bright Candidate Bright plans to help our homeless community by building places for the homeless population to stay warm at night and get on their feet, while also investing in drug rehabilitation, job training, and medical facilities. 

George CarrilloCandidate Carrillo, a prior sheriff deputy, plans to implement a new economic strategy for urban and rural Oregon to expand clean, renewable energy projects to create more jobs and protect our environment

Michael Trimple Candidate Trimple is pro-choice, union, environmental change, racial justice, and LGBTQ rights. He plans to forgive student loans, allow state colleges to be free to instate students, and raise minimum wage to $15/ hourly. 

Tina KotekGovernor Candidate Kotek plans to raise the minimum wage for the working class and implement paid sick leave into the workforce. Kotek also wants to set aside $1 billion of government funding per year to public schools to better education,  hopefully inspiring more kids to graduate and continue their learning. 

Tobias ReadGovernor Candidate Read has already doubled the state’s investment in clean energy. Read plans to help get the homeless citizens off the streets. 

Patrick StarnesGovernor candidate Starnes wants to change and improve single payer health care by expanding the Oregon Health Plan, also known as OHP. Starnes also plans to create an Oregon Shelter Fund to help tackle the housing crisis through matching local and federal dollars to provide affordable housing and vital services. Starnes hopes to promote inclusion and diversity with effective legislation to advance equity to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or economic status. 

Dave Stauffer– Governor candidate Stauffer has discovered possible solutions for our air pollution and climate problems. Dave Strauffer has two U.S. patents on his inventions of practical, politically correct, money generating, solutions to our environmental problems. 

 John Sweeney – Candidate Sweeney wants to introduce a new criteria of classes to 7th graders including money management, civics, and law related education. Sweeney believes 7th grade is a very impressionable time and the perfect  grade to introduce this subject in the middle schools in Oregon. 

Your Republican Nominees:

Darin HarbickCandidate Harbrick plans to manage our forests sustainably in order to support one of the most renewable energy sources in Oregon.  Harbrick also ensures the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms, stays with us as long as he has to the power to do so, if elected as governor.

Sam Palmer– Candidate Palmer believes open-border policies implemented by democrats have “unleashed a tidal wave of illegal immigrants.” Palmer is pro-choice and supports the 2nd amendment.

Jo Rae Perkins– Candidate Perkins strongly advocates for the 2nd amendment and the pro-life movement. Perkins believes in the choice to wear a mask or receive vaccination. 

Christopher ChristensenCandidate Christensen created an acronym with his name that reads: 

C-Congressional term limits 

H-Homeonership that is affordable 

R-Reform the IRS 

I-Immigration policies that work 

S-supports U.S. energy independence.  

Ibra A Taher Candidate Taher is running for governor for peace, integrity, and government accountability. Ibra also co-funded a national group called ‘Greens and allies against COVID repression, in july 2020. Ibra wishes to change the way we protect our citizens against the pandemic or other problems we will face in the future. 

Jason Beebe– Candidate Beebe is the only Oregon mayor that has passed legislation which judicially validated and helped businesses fight COVID-19 fines from OSHA, an organization responsible for regulating businesses that refused to wear masks and follow guidelines during the pandemic.

Laurel Roses– Candidate Roses plans to safely restore our communities with a 3-way approach to solve crime, drug abuse, and mental health issues plaguing our neighborhoods.