After Two Years: Full Faces Return

March 13, 2022, marked the two-year anniversary since the last day of school before the “two-week spring break” and the official closing of in-person learning due to the pandemic.


Mia Mees, Staff Writer

After much deliberation, Oregon health authorities agreed to lift the school mask mandate on March 12. The removal was scheduled sooner than previously anticipated due to the quicker-than-expected decrease in hospitalizations.

As the mask removal inched closer, students started chatting about what they intended to do. A clear majority expressed they planned to take their masks off as of Friday, March 11.

An informal Pinnacle poll of 14 Summit classes revealed that in 10 of those classes, the majority of students planned to show up on Monday, March 14 maskless. The poll results match reality and on that first Monday, after the statewide mask mandate was lifted, most students and staff came to school showing their smiling faces.

After spring break, the number of unmasked students increased once the concern of getting sick during travels was no longer present. Social media played a role too. Summit’s Social Justice club posted a gentle reminder on Instagram that no matter what their peers decide, masked or not, there shouldn’t be judged.