Bodies Dropping, But Still Rocking?

A closer look at Travis Scott’s newly released music, and the catastrophe that struck right before.


art by Reese Campbell

Reese Campbell, Staff Writer

After the devastating events that took place on the night of the Travis Scott’s “AstroWorld Festival” on November 5, many fans were appalled to hear of new music dropping within the same week. With at least eight deaths followed by at least twenty five fans being hospitalized, many were shaken by the casualties. From the events of Friday’s concert, Saturday’s performance was canceled. 

However on Thursday night, millions of Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud listeners refreshed their page one last time before finally, it appeared, “MAFIA” and“ESCAPE PLAN” emerged from the “recently released” column. Tapping on the song brings you to the cover of a monster-like, big eared, version of Travis Scott himself with bold capital letters spelling “THE TRUE DYSTOPIA IS HERE”. Scott has spoken again, and everyone of his 44,763,863 monthly listeners tuned in. The first of the two songs released was “MAFIA” three minutes and fifty nine seconds of Scott’s voice in a slowed rap, with his infamous “IT’S LIT” recurring. You’d find yourself listening to this while being with that special someone, or during a laid back party that went to the early morning. Either way, you won’t be jumping up and down losing your mind to this song when you hear it come on. Rather sitting back and watching the time go by. 

“ESCAPE PLAN” is more similar to Scott’s mainstream music: a fast tempo, explicit, party song. It’s no lie Scott knows how to make music that gets your feet moving, he proved that once again with this song. 

When talking with Travis Scott enthusiasts they too agreed his new music is slapping, like every other song. 

“I really like the beat in Mafia. It’s super low key but can silence a room when it comes on,” said sophomore Nikki Trapnell. 

Speaking with another anonymous sophomore, they had a bit more to say.

“I love them both a lot. They are much similar to his other songs but also keep a new vibe to them.”

Relating back to Scott’s concert, they had their own insight on what they hoped to be true. 

“It was surprising to see him give this new music so quickly. I don’t know how much control he had over the music drop though. I’m assuming if it were up to him he would have given everyone a bit more time to process the deaths before putting out more stuff.” 

While it’s always exciting to hear the latest songs and newest rap, many would agree the timing wasn’t perfect under the circumstances. Although Scott filmed an apology video, it’s hard to brush off the dreadful occurrences on November 5, 2021.