What Will the Summer Bring?

By: Sasha Stringer As quickly as the coronavirus outbreak has been maturing, the question of what summer will look like in Bend has been on every resident’s mind.  With the prime vacation season approaching, many are wondering whether to pursue their travel plans to the Oregon coast, or to stay hunkered at home to float the river everyday and continue supporting local restaurants.  “For Bend … Continue reading What Will the Summer Bring?

Empty-Your-Pantry Recipes

By: Brooke Leggat In my countless hours of browsing the web (and TikTok, of course), I have learned over this unprecedented time of quarantine to get creative with my cooking. With shelves in grocery stores completely cleared of even the simplest ingredients, I have relied on what I already have in my house, and the results have been nothing shy of incredible. Whether you have … Continue reading Empty-Your-Pantry Recipes

The Uncharted Waters of Webex

By: Jess McComb On most weekdays in April, the shrill sound of an 8 o clock alarm signals what’s to come: a rushed breakfast and a groggy race to claim the closest spot in a packed parking lot. This sacred tradition, however, has fallen to PJs and pillows, the new normal of digital classroom environments.  Scrambling to uphold academics during a pandemic, most schools have … Continue reading The Uncharted Waters of Webex

Senior Living Facilities Implement Changes to Their Policies Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

By: Madison Chambers With a pandemic threatening the health of all, many are turning their attention toward the most at-risk members of Central Oregon. “I’m definitely worried about this pandemic because a lot of my extended family are at-risk members, so I am concerned about them getting sick,” said Storm senior Fiona Silver. Many of these higher-risk members are adults residing in senior living facilities, … Continue reading Senior Living Facilities Implement Changes to Their Policies Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

Staying on Track During Quarantine: Running Edition

By: Ellie Skjersaa Sun floods through my curtains as I open them, attempting to keep a positive mindset as I get my running clothes on, grab my nature valley granola bar, and walk out the front door.  Today we have a hill workout. Simple enough. I warmup, run to a 400 meter hill, and prepare myself for a painful 8 repetitions. Though it is a … Continue reading Staying on Track During Quarantine: Running Edition

All American: The New High School Classic

By: Emily Orman Family. Football. Friendship. All American, a CW TV show and Netflix favorite has returned for a second season. And no one is complaining.  Centered around the life of talented football player Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), All American works to show the reader the truth behind high school football in America, specifically in cutthroat competitive locations with money to spend like Beverly Hills. … Continue reading All American: The New High School Classic

A Summer Without Tourists

By: Hannah Kenneth The Bend Oregon summer: Bonta Gelato (famed for fun flavors and wafting scents of vanilla waffle cones), guitar strumming from a concert in the nearby Old Mill, hippies congregating in Drake Park and the smell of burgers and beer emitted from the famed Deschutes brewery. Not to mention California license plates scattered throughout from those visiting the growing town and its businesses. … Continue reading A Summer Without Tourists

Review: Paparazzi Lightning

By: Barbara Norton  I can vividly remember the first time I heard “Sad Sad City,” the sixth track off of Ghostland Observatory’s Paparazzi Lightning. I had fallen down the YouTube indietronica rabbit hole and landed on a grainy concert video from 2007 with barely any views.  Once the video focused I was introduced to a scuffed stage, laden with speakers and wires and lit only … Continue reading Review: Paparazzi Lightning

The Novel Nation : Life After A Pandemic

By Charlie Hobin    Like a deer prancing across the highway, the Covid-19 Pandemic brought society across the globe to a screeching halt. Millions lounge around engaged in the infinity of Netflix while questioning, “when will we go back to normal?” Scientists, Politicians, and Pundits of all kinds are unsure of when this emancipation day will arrive, but one thing is certain, this future normal will … Continue reading The Novel Nation : Life After A Pandemic

Compassion in Quarantine: How Spreading Love Can Help Us Survive the Pandemic

By Natasha Visnack Over the past 2 weeks my dining room table has been overtaken with piles of bent sewing pins, bits of loose thread, and a gigantic mint sewing machine. These implements of construction have set up residence, banishing my family and me to eat our sad leftovers at the kitchen counter. Around my buried table disorderly stacks of paisley fabric cling to our … Continue reading Compassion in Quarantine: How Spreading Love Can Help Us Survive the Pandemic

Quarantine Quandaries

By: Viansa Reid Author’s Note: I’ve spent way too much time with my family these past few weeks, so in light of the world’s situation, I wrote a multi-perspective story through two different ages and a naïve point of view. This story represents a possible day of mishaps for a Storm family during quarantine. Teenager: I’m a good kid I swear. My parents said they … Continue reading Quarantine Quandaries

Average Quaran-teens: A Tale of Two Students

By Julia Burdsall and Mimi Dioguardi Student 1: It’s 7:30am and the sound of my sencha alarm violently interrupts my trip to the bikini bottom with my dog. Just like yesterday I am rudely transported back into the reality of living in “quarantine” attempting to finish my junior year strong before the last of my motivation takes its much- deserved sabbatical. I head downstairs to … Continue reading Average Quaran-teens: A Tale of Two Students

How Are Sparrows Chosen?

By: Viansa Reid Storm students and Thunder contestants are hard at work raising money for Tytan Neff, this year’s Storm Sparrow. But what happens to the other families who applied to be a Sparrow but weren’t selected? “[The families that aren’t selected] are very few and far between,” said Nancy Childers, the Regional Director of Sparrow. “I’ve been with Sparrow for a total of almost … Continue reading How Are Sparrows Chosen?

Mock Trial Storms State

By: Madison Chambers In a sea of black blazers and white button downs, only one group of students represented Central Oregon at the State Mock Trial Competition. Those students were Summit’s Mock Trial team, who previously won first place in the Regional Mock Trial Competition. Summit Mock Trial dedicated countless hours to preparing for the State level of competition. “State was definitely a higher level … Continue reading Mock Trial Storms State

How to Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive

By: Charlie Hobin The self-help industry is one of the fastest-growing markets of the 21st century. It’s expected to surpass $13 billion dollars in the next two years- but don’t be surprised by this rapid growth. According to a study done by the PEW Research center, Americans spend over 4 hours a day on their smartphones. This newfound world of distracting content has prompted many … Continue reading How to Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive

How the Office Group Can Help You

By: Hannah Kenneth A stone’s throw away from the home of the Storm lies a secret sanctuary known as the Office Group (TOG), where a handful of students can get some much-needed help and guidance. You may catch these students talking with Betsy Kohler (resident math tutor and faux-mom), heating up some Cup Noodles in the makeshift kitchen or gazing at the U.S. map dotted … Continue reading How the Office Group Can Help You

Review: “Happy & Sad” By Kacey Musgraves

By: Brooke Leggat Kacey Musgraves has always been my go-to artist whenever I want to feel a certain type of way. With songs ranging from tangy, country love songs to upbeat pop-ish country crossover, I just can’t get enough. It’s safe to say, I’m a pretty big fan.  Though I listen to all of Musgraves’ songs on repeat in the shower, at the gym, in … Continue reading Review: “Happy & Sad” By Kacey Musgraves