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The Pinnacle’s purpose is to breathe life into the stories of our school and animate the history of our immediate community. None of that happens, however, without the beautiful and slightly chaotic behind the scenes process of the paper.


We are constantly telling our staff that working for the school paper is the closest a high school class gets to a career in the real world. For our paper to print, deadlines must be met; interviews with strangers must be arranged; collaboration with peers, editors, and artists could not be more crucial. The paper allows students to find their rhythm as writers and collaborators. To find that, students must be willing to be vulnerable–to evaluate the worth and impact of their work. Our mission as Editors is first and foremost to create an atmosphere where writers can become reporters; where reporters can become storytellers. Only when that is a priority, can a paper make an impact. 

From left to right: Fiona Max, Phia Smith, Isabel Max


Madison Chambers

News Editor

Self proclaimed introverted ambivert, Madison (Maddy) Chambers became a News Editor in her junior year of high school. When she’s not editing articles or studying for her next AP Lang vocabulary quiz, you can typically find her playing with her sort-of Instagram famous golden retriever, Rapid (check him out @rapidthegoldendog), or climbing up a storm at the rock gym. Madison usually writes for News, but hopes to try her hand at Features in the near future.

Viansa Reid

News Editor

News Editor Viansa Reid is quite the daredevil. Ask her to jump off a bridge and she’ll backflip into the water. Ziplining? Hell yes. Dangling from a rope, otherwise known as aerial silks? Check. Skydiving? Already done that. (Well, indoor skydiving). Viansa isn’t afraid to try new things. By contrast, she gains just as much of an adrenaline rush from reading a good book series. (Crazy Rich Asians is fire) She is a passionate dancer and is captain of the Summit Dance Team. In her free time, Viansa listens to a wide variety of music, ranging from ACDC to Sia and Vince Guaraldi, and practices improv dance. She aspires to be an avid environmentalist as she already started a compost in her backyard and forced her parents to buy a recycling bin for the upstairs portion of their house. She wants to expand her horizons this year by finding her voice in her writing.

Nathan Shaw

Features Editor

Nathan is a human chameleon. Just as likely to be tossing back Shirley Temples in a top button undone button down shirt as he is to be sitting around a table dominating a game of Settlers of Catan. A walking party, Nathan is sure to liven up any room with an approachable and understanding personality. Nathan doesn’t complain, but he also doesn’t take “no” for an answer. It’s good to be on his good side, because with his winning smile and quick wit, he’ll be on yours.

Jess McComb

Features Editor

Seated at a cluttered desktop amongst failed art proposals and over analyzed text edits, she is clothed in a coordinated ensemble of prized thrift finds; the flashy Nike’s on her feet being the only item exceeding $50. This is Jess McComb: aspiring journalist, self proclaimed towel folding expert, blatant pessimist, chained to an unfortunate label as Nathan’s inferior. McComb, despite constant self criticism, is a decently well achieved human being, her highest praised feat being an immaculate, slightly OCD gym schedule. All considered, McComb adequately meets her responsibilities as Nathan’s lesser half.

Franny Rogers

Opinions Editor

Franny Rogers, despite popular belief, is not a giraffe. Franny is a hot mess full of spunk and charisma. She often finds herself overindulging in people’s thoughts and feelings, taking away from her diligent work as one of the three badass opinions editors. You can often find Franny burrowed in a pile full of down blankets binge watching her favorite show Big Little Lies, fantasizing of a life full of romance and success. Stare too long and she will figure out your whole life story in a matter of seconds, placing herself in the shoes of a personal therapist in order to help those around her navigate their complicated lives. If she’s not drowning in her feels, you will find her hitting the slopes, in hopes of replicating Lindsey Vonn’s 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic run.

Sophia Thomas

Opinions Editor

Likely holding an unsweetened iced tea and listening religiously to low-quality sad indie music, Sophia Thomas is best described as a caricature. Over-the-top and always well-hydrated, she enjoys buying tasteless second-hand clothes, warming the bench for her water polo team, and gently informing people that their opinions on movies and music are wrong. As far as opinions go, the sheer number of her half-baked stances taken on social issues coupled with her masochistic passion for writing makes her a prime candidate as one third of the Pinnacle’s Opinions Editor Squad. She prides herself on the quality of her writing and pretty much nothing else. Cynical, sensitive, and somewhat endearing, she likes most things, food, and people she encounters.

Julia Burdsall

Opinions Editor

When she’s not making a list with her plethora of glitter pens, you’ll almost always find Julia at a coffee house experimenting with various types of milks in her lattes- all non dairy of course-but chances are you’ll catch her making a list there too. Along with writing controversial satires, Julia also loves being apart of the amazing and all-mighty opinions editing squad. But, when she’s out of the classroom, she’ll either be crying about something stupid or taking photos of herself crying over something stupid. In addition to writing and editing, Julia also loves participating in both soccer and lacrosse (aka: cheering very loudly for her teammates on the bench). As a junior, she’s very excited to be apart of the newspaper for the next two years and cannot wait for the class to bring home the national championship title once again!

Mimi Dioguardi

Sports/Health Editor

Meet Mimi. If you aren’t already in love with her after one look at that picture, just wait ‘til you get to know her. If she isn’t busy with school or being a three-sport athlete #grinddontstop #studentfirst, you’re likely to find her singing alone in the car or keeping up her presence as a TikTok influencer. Mimi absolutely loves her position as Sports/Health editor for the Pinnacle, and is passionate about the creative side of herself she gets to explore as a writer. She is grateful to work alongside such a hype squad of fellow editors. 

Emma Gilmore

Sports/Health Editor

When not inundated with discombobulating AP Chemistry concepts, Emma is commonly found on her living room couch brushing up on old Hannah Montana episodes with Disney + (contact her for the account’s username and password.) Emma is a true 7/11 slurpee and carbohydrate addict, which forces her to play water polo throughout the year in order to burn some calories. The large amount of time she spends trying to be successful in the pool playing water polo has led her to become fairly uncoordinated on land. Catch her always tripping down the school’s stairs when she is especially sleep deprived on her way from first period calculus to second period chemistry.

Jane Nyman

Crest Editor

Hello! My name is Jane Nyman and I am the editor of the Crest alongside my partner in crime, Lucy Jones! Not only do I do news staff but I am the cheerleading captain and Public Relations on student council. My favorite food you ask? Parilla fish tacos, All. The. Way. I also like to spend my time with my goldendoodle, Phoebe. My favorite class is recess of course and I can NOT wait to graduate!

Lucy Jones

Opinions Staff Writer

Greetings and Salutations! Lucy Jones here. Alongside the ever so talented Jane Nyman we produce the Crest. During the spring you will find me balancing my time between lacrosse and the spring slopes. I love to explore the Cascades when the weather permits me to do so and when my wallet permits me, I love to venture beyond the Pacific North West. If you are ever looking for top secret gems around Bend, I am your gal!

Staff Writers

Elena Adair

Staff Writer

I am a staff writer for The Pinnacle. I mainly write for the opinions section but I have briefly done a few feature stories. I am passionate when it comes to voicing my opinion and informing others of my perspectives that I find interesting, informative and important. The triple I’s. I love having leeway to write about what I want to write. I can write from almost any perspective and take the story at any angle. I am overly obsessed with the show “The Office”, “that’s what she said”. Only Office fans will understand.

Pilar Carson

Staff Writer

In what little spare time I have outside of school and college applications, you can find me outdoors. I am one of the captains of the girls Ultimate Frisbee team and play as often as possible. Additionally, I have played water polo for two years: I played goalie my sophomore year— it was the absolute worst; after recovering from my bruised ego, I rejoined my senior year and now play in field positions.

Isabella Cornutt

Staff Writer

Isabella Cornutt is a junior in high school and it is her second year writing for The Pinnacle. She ski races in the winter, enjoys being a defender on the lacrosse team in the spring and summertime, and occasionally plays the piano. When she is not working on assignments for school, you can find her volunteering at the Art Station or hanging out downtown with friends.

Grace Gilmore

Staff Writer

Hi sisters! My name is Grace. I’m in 11th grade and am currently trying my best to stay afloat this school year. Math is a challenge but not impossible. I really enjoy bedazzling objects, riding ponies, and rap music.

Anika Groener

Staff Writer

I have been writing for the Pinnacle since my junior year at Summit High School. I normally write for Crest, generating movie reviews, food reviews, and fashion pieces, but have also dabbled a bit in News.  I enjoy the freedom I have writing for Crest, and especially love my section editors for giving me the feedback and tools I need to articulate funky and enjoyable stories. I would eventually like to write a couple stories for Opinions. When I’m not watching Star Wars, hanging out with my family, or exploring the beautiful PNW, you can find me kicking my dads butt in a heated tennis match.

Charlie Hobin

You could say Charlie Hobin is comparable to the 4th century Roman Empire. Influential, yet lacking in the fundamentals of organization. The majority of his brain’s power is spent curating quick witty jokes; leaving a minimal amount for navigating the streets in his cool car. Apart from his intense phobia of paper napkins, Charlie is a fearless individual. He spends a hefty sum of his time swimming back and forth during Water Polo and Swim; hence his big muscles. Charlie strives to spend his time either working hard or playing hard- spending minimal time in the middle.

Hannah Kenneth

Staff Writer

Hannah Kenneth is a junior with a passion for videography, photography, writing and discovering the meanings behind humanity’s sometimes questionable actions. She is currently learning and expanding her writing skills in journalism after being well acquainted with the AP-style. Things to know about Hannah is that she has a long-term relationship with her bed and youtube, loves the rain and dislikes making decisions. Hannah is always looking for a story that people should know and care about.

Isabella Lavinsky

Staff Writer

I’m a senior and I primarily write for the Crest section of the Pinnacle. I’m creative and I write music. My favorite movie is Perks of being a wallflower, and my favorite thing about the Pinnacle is being able to address issues that no one wants to address.

Brooke Leggat

Staff Writer

When she isn’t doing her homework on her floor surrounded by her overly-highlighted AP World History notes, you may find sophomore Brooke Leggat stealing all the Rice Krispie treats out of her pantry. An avid, outgoing Bostoner, Brooke has recently found herself in the new land of Bend, Oregon where she and her family are often seen using Google Maps to navigate themselves to Safeway. You can spot this little ball of energy from a mile away, doing the Renegade dance anywhere she might go. 

Parker Meredith

Hello! My name is Parker Meredith. I am known among fellow students in my class as the one who always has broken bones, and am often greeted in the halls with, “what happened?” and “again?”. When I am not tied to the couch in a cast, you can find me on the mountains shredding fresh powder or making “fresh” pizzas at the local Papa Murphy’s.

Barbara Norton

Staff Writer

In addition to being an avid sweater connoisseur, Barbara Norton is also a junior at Summit. Born in Alaska, Barbara has extensive knowledge of salmon migration patterns and seasonal depression. When she isn’t frantically studying for a test, Barbara can be found thrifting and watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Her hobbies include making awkward eye contact with people she knows at the gym, complaining about her homework load and listening to the same seven songs on repeat. 

Emily Orman

Staff Writer

When you can’t find Emily sitting at her desk surrounded by mountains of AP World History notes or having a mental breakdown trying to understand basic precalculus, she is likely binging yet another Netflix TV show (she has plenty of recommendations) or adequately playing lacrosse. More often than not, you can find her with a Yerba Mate in her hand as she battles the difficulties of an increasingly severe caffeine addiction. She is probably most known referencing “The Office” in situations that they definitely don’t belong and is more than excited for this year in news staff. 

Thomas Schwiebert

Staff Writer

Thomas Schwiebert is a sophomore at summit high school and first-year staff writer at The Pinnacle. In his free time, he enjoys climbing and listening to music. Thomas writes primarily for opinions, but has expressed no aversion to other sections. He moved to bend in the winter of 2005, and has been an avid Bendite ever since. His most valuable skills are the ability to cook minute rice in 58 seconds and to sleep for 14 hours at a time.

Ellie Skjersaa

Staff Writer

Ellie Skjersaa is a current junior, opinion writer, and an active runner on the cross country team. She has always loved finding the best powder skiing and traveling to new destinations. This past summer Ellie had the opportunity to visit Norway and loved the beautiful fjords along with the big city. She is more than excited to improve her writing skills and hopes to impact people in her community.

India Slodki

Staff Writer

When not writing for The Pinnacle, you can find sophomore India Slodki working at Sparrow Bakery, listening to a surprising amount of Outkast, and reading about everything from folk artists to serial killers. She also holds interests in Speech and Debate, fashion design, and is an active part of the Teen Library Council. Planning on pursuing journalism after graduating, she has her sights set on the University of Oregon in Eugene or Wellesley College in Boston.  

Mia Smith

Staff Writer

Hey! I’m Mia. I’m a senior, currently attempting to contain my senioritis and hold out for the rest of the year. AP Government + Politics is my favorite class; I’d be in it all day if I could. I play water polo and tennis, and spend most of my day blasting my favorite music.

Kenady Storandt

Staff Writer


Sasha Stringer

Staff Writer

Hello fellow Pinnacle readers! Sasha Stringer here! Under my fantastic editors, Mimi Diogardi and Emma Gilmore, I am a staff writer for Sports. When I am not writing or thinking of new story ideas, I am drowning in other school work. When the weather allows me, I go hiking, play sand volleyball and hang out at the lakes! I am in 11th grade, trying my best to not drop out. I really enjoy not doing math homework, playing volleyball, and when the weather in Bend is above 40! 

Ainsley Sutterfield

Staff Writer

Ainsley Sutterfield, a sophomore, is embarking on her first year on the Summit Pinnacle. She has a creative and intuitive spirit and enjoys dancing as well as any form of art. She’s also a recovering coffee addict. Ainsley can’t wait to entice readers in with her words and art. 

Natasha Visnack

Staff Writer

Natasha Visnack is a Sophomore at Summit High School who’s currently in her first year of writing for The Pinnacle. She loves fashion, cycling, and writing, but her true passion in life is listening to 1920’s music.

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