The College Board is a scam. Here’s why.

By Julia Burdsall I paid the $95 fee per test. I studied my rigorous Advanced Placement material for roughly two weeks. I attempted to review seven units of AP U.S. History, Physics 1, and English Language and Composition on my own. I subdued the stress sowed by the seeds of a worldwide pandemic only to replace it with the stress of online standardized testing. I … Continue reading The College Board is a scam. Here’s why.

A Message to Our Government

By: Julia Burdsall Roughly six years have passed since the devastating Ebola virus outbreak in west Africa. Fortunately, the rapid formation of treatment centers and isolation zones, the creation of charitable organizations worldwide, and vigorous screening of passengers at entrance ports aided the African continent in slowing and eventually bringing to a halt the spread of the deadly virus within a year’s time.  Despite the … Continue reading A Message to Our Government

The Uncharted Waters of Webex

By: Jess McComb On most weekdays in April, the shrill sound of an 8 o clock alarm signals what’s to come: a rushed breakfast and a groggy race to claim the closest spot in a packed parking lot. This sacred tradition, however, has fallen to PJs and pillows, the new normal of digital classroom environments.  Scrambling to uphold academics during a pandemic, most schools have … Continue reading The Uncharted Waters of Webex


By: Barbara Norton “Hey Chloe, can you play some music?” Jake asks me, nearly hitting the car parked next to us as he backs out.  “Sure thing,” I choke out. Oh God. My eyes shift down to the thin black cord of doom, aka the AUX cord.  Up until he uttered those six words, I had been excited to go out to lunch with Jake … Continue reading AUX-iety

Don’t Wait Until College to Study Abroad

By Brooke Leggat Photo by Daniel Corneschi  As the end of this school year grows near, several Storm students have begun thinking about what classes, clubs and sports they’re interested in for next year. Meanwhile, others are packing their bags and embarking on a new type of high school experience, one overseas. Rotary International is an organization that prides itself on connecting students across the globe … Continue reading Don’t Wait Until College to Study Abroad

Who’s trashing the Summit parking lot?

By Madison Chambers As lunchtime comes to a close, Subarus and Nissan Accords with Yung Gravy blaring from the radio roar into the Storm parking lot. While students hustle through the doors of Summit, trash from lunch is often dropped or thrown, accumulating in the parking lot. Although the interior of students’ cars are clean, the parking lot is not. Additionally, littering students often have … Continue reading Who’s trashing the Summit parking lot?

New year, New beginnings

By Julia Burdsall Of the 8760 hours that fill this new year, the first 336 that we have experienced thus far have left the world speechless. They have blown all expectations out of the water and have acted as a unique start to this celebratory New year. In particular: a slightly problematic assasination turned into what might become, according to Instagram memes, WWIII; Australia might … Continue reading New year, New beginnings

How to find your ideal college

By Pilar Carson Trade schools, public universities, and private liberal arts colleges: many of us Storm students will continue our educational careers after high school. However, choosing an environment that suits one’s needs and values is important- and often challenging. For this purpose, I’m walking you through some basic, interchangeable steps to find your ideal college and maximize your time in high school.      That brings … Continue reading How to find your ideal college

Government inadequacy drives new high school safety protocols

By Thomas Schwiebert There will always be a division between the master and the novice; the student and the teacher; the superior and the subordinate. Yet recently, common ground has been attained between Storm students and teachers over one concern: survival. One of the unifying issues among both teachers and students is the ongoing problem of school safety. Hardly a week passes without news of … Continue reading Government inadequacy drives new high school safety protocols

Teens take the edge off, hit the JUUL

By Julia Burdsall Gone are the days of watching nine innings of your favorite team at the ballpark while chowing down on an overpriced hotdog; Baseball is no longer America’s pastime. With three times the nicotine of a normal e-cigarette, the JUUL has been banned in Europe. Never fear, America’s laissez-faire approach to tobacco keeps the JUUL industry alive and well. Just ask any Storm … Continue reading Teens take the edge off, hit the JUUL