“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 16 Review

By: Emily Orman Doctors. Death. Drama. Grey’s Anatomy, a teenage and adult favorite that seems to convince any viewer to strive to become a surgeon, recently released its 16th season on Netflix.  As usual, the season follows Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her colleagues as they balance surgical cases and their personal lives. However, Season 16 focuses primarily on the social aspect of the hospital, … Continue reading “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 16 Review

Pandemic-Approved Restaurants

By: Viansa Reid Excited by Phase One, Bendites slowly began allowing people inside restaurants, but what about the restaurants killing the takeout game during the heat of the pandemic? And what about all those folks who still don’t feel comfortable dining indoors? These restaurants worked tirelessly to create a safe and smart environment and have  continued to produce delicious, affordable food. Wild Rose  150 NW … Continue reading Pandemic-Approved Restaurants

Good News June

By: Hannah Kenneth No one can overlook the overwhelming struggle, pain, and fear that has overshadowed this year. The media is ultra accessible today, stretching to almost every social media platform, making it so that you never miss a beat and almost always know whats going on in the world. It is often hard to escape the terrible news, both domestically and abroad. I have … Continue reading Good News June

Isabella’s Book Recommendations (pt. 2)

By: Isabella Cornutt Graceling by Kristin Cashore Picked by The Oprah Magazine for books to read over quarantine, Graceling is a perfect mix between Maze Runner, Hunger Games, and Divergent. The Young Adult fantasy novel is based in a world where some of the population is gifted in a skill, which could be as harmless as the gift of a green thumb or as deadly … Continue reading Isabella’s Book Recommendations (pt. 2)

Bend Protests Peacefully to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

By: Ellie Skjersaa On Tuesday, June second, Bend Oregon had the biggest protest that it’s ever seen. Thousands of individuals from across the community came together in support of the movement, black lives matter. It was truly amazing to see the passion people had in their voices and in their hearts. During a time where police brutality is still present and where black people across … Continue reading Bend Protests Peacefully to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

Three Must-Make Disney Recipes

By: Madison Chambers Hello fellow food lovers! I am an average, no cooking experience, junior in highschool. During the pandemic, I noticed a trend of recipes being released for famous Disney Park foods that many students might have gotten to enjoy if our spring break plans didn’t get canceled.  Upon my realization that students would be missing out on the delicious, mostly unhealthy treats that … Continue reading Three Must-Make Disney Recipes

Two Must Have Backyard Games for the Summer

By: Parker Meredith Spikeball After it’s launch in 2008, Spikeball quickly sparked the attention of many. With its simplicity and portability, you can play anywhere and everywhere. Most likely, you too, have watched a round of spikeball being played by others at the beach, park or backyard. With a mix between volleyball and handball, two teams take turns alternating hitting the ball of the trampoline. … Continue reading Two Must Have Backyard Games for the Summer

Bendite Culture: Staying Active through COVID-19

By: Brooke Leggat Look outside your suburban home in northwest crossing and you may notice a similar theme of lululemon leggings and sweat streaked faces on the mission for fitness. This is the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic as Bendites find alternative ways of exercising. While Oregon’s pandemic protocol lowers the bar on community guidelines, some of Bend’s favorite workout outlets have closed their … Continue reading Bendite Culture: Staying Active through COVID-19

Money Heist Review: A Captivating Thriller From Minute One

By: Parker Meredith Brilliant. Powerful. Genius. Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel (“The House of Paper”) as it is known in Spain, has enthralled fans around the world. Stemming off from the classic heist plot, Money Heist features levels upon levels of a beautifully written story, transporting viewers from their couches straight into the Royal Mint of Spain.  Money Heist, a Spanish crime drama, … Continue reading Money Heist Review: A Captivating Thriller From Minute One

The Shock of Pass/Fail Grades

By: Emily Orman With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every aspect of life, it comes at no surprise that grades are the newest addition to the never ending list. Instead of receiving a letter grade at the end of the semester that contributes toward an overall GPA, students in Oregon will now receive a pass/incomplete grade. This means that any student above a 60% at the … Continue reading The Shock of Pass/Fail Grades

“Social Distancing” and What That Means to Bendites

By: Madison Chambers On a beautiful sunny day, mass amounts of people flock to the dusty trails of Bend to enjoy the weather and exercise. But there is a problem with this flocking, and no, this problem is not limited to the possibility of catching or spreading  Covid-19 virus. Instead, it pertains to the decreasing amounts of friendliness that these trail-goers give to other passerbys.  … Continue reading “Social Distancing” and What That Means to Bendites

The Teacher’s Trouble: Technology

By: Parker Meredith A yellow light cascades over the teacher’s glasses and greying hair. He sits alone in the dark as the soft music plays, and the melodic tapping of his computer keyboard fills the air. It’s Monday night, March 31, 2020. Just two days before students return to learning, this time virtually. The teacher, who struggles greatly with technology, is forced to learn how … Continue reading The Teacher’s Trouble: Technology

Virtual Graduation: Pandemic Protocol

By: Brooke Leggat With the end of our eventful school year approaching, the Bend-laPine school district has opted for a collaboration of both virtual and “drive through” concepts of graduation ceremonies, generating a plethora of mixed feelings from students and parents in its wake.  The original blueprint for this year’s graduation had been conclusively virtual with strict state guidelines set in to equate social distancing, … Continue reading Virtual Graduation: Pandemic Protocol

Empty-Your-Pantry Recipes

By: Brooke Leggat In my countless hours of browsing the web (and TikTok, of course), I have learned over this unprecedented time of quarantine to get creative with my cooking. With shelves in grocery stores completely cleared of even the simplest ingredients, I have relied on what I already have in my house, and the results have been nothing shy of incredible. Whether you have … Continue reading Empty-Your-Pantry Recipes

The Uncharted Waters of Webex

By: Jess McComb On most weekdays in April, the shrill sound of an 8 o clock alarm signals what’s to come: a rushed breakfast and a groggy race to claim the closest spot in a packed parking lot. This sacred tradition, however, has fallen to PJs and pillows, the new normal of digital classroom environments.  Scrambling to uphold academics during a pandemic, most schools have … Continue reading The Uncharted Waters of Webex

Senior Living Facilities Implement Changes to Their Policies Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

By: Madison Chambers With a pandemic threatening the health of all, many are turning their attention toward the most at-risk members of Central Oregon. “I’m definitely worried about this pandemic because a lot of my extended family are at-risk members, so I am concerned about them getting sick,” said Storm senior Fiona Silver. Many of these higher-risk members are adults residing in senior living facilities, … Continue reading Senior Living Facilities Implement Changes to Their Policies Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak