The Novel Nation: Life After a Pandemic


Charlie Hobin, Former Staff Writer

Like a deer prancing across the highway, the Covid-19 Pandemic brought society across the globe to a screeching halt. Millions lounge around engaged in the infinity of Netflix while questioning, “when will we go back to normal?” Scientists, Politicians, and Pundits of all kinds are unsure of when this emancipation day will arrive, but one thing is certain, this future normal will be a new normal.

One of the best strategies in predicting what lies ahead is looking back to similar times. Following the horrific Spanish flu of 1918 leaving over 50 million dead, the health care system was changed completely across the globe with the introduction of universal health care in many nations and a greater focus on disease control. Furthermore, according to a BBC article by Laura Spinney, “Many countries created or re-organized their health ministries, set up better systems of disease surveillance and embraced the concept of socialized medicine.”

The world is bound to see changes such as this following the 2020 pandemic, but likely to a much larger scale. Politico Magazine interviewed over 30 experts across fields to assemble the “Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently” article. This piece examines a plethora of likely global changes following this pandemic and we asked Summit Students in their takes of some of the most notable.

The first is a new kind of patriotism and appreciation toward healthcare and essential workers across the globe. Similar to the way Americans salute and celebrate those who have served in the military, healthcare workers will be thanked for their service as even the most powerful militia stands no chance against a virus. “I will definitely have more appreciation for those in the healthcare system battling this virus on the front lines and I don’t believe I will be the only one thanking these professionals,” said freshman, Harrison Hobin.

Additionally, the Politico article writes about the improved digital lifestyle of users around the globe. Rather than just playing video games or cruising social media, this pandemic prompted new interactive ways to use the internet such as the infamous Zoom cocktail party, or live stream Concerts and Church Services. “Rather than just mindlessly wasting time, I have now started using the internet to stay on top of all of my schoolwork and connect with friends via zoom,” remarked Junior Zach Jepson. Overall this new stay at home policy has forced us to move many of the daily tasks to the web and benefitted the overall digital lifestyle for many.

Plenty more changes will come out of this time of uncertainty, hopefully more positives such as these. Furthermore, as we wait to return to the normality of our daily lives, we should all consider what we want our new normal to be. This time is a great chance for people everywhere to reset and reestablish their novel future beyond in a novel nation.