Gold vs. Silver

The underlying truth behind girls who wear gold jewelry versus girls who wear silver


Are there really differences between girls who wear gold versus silver jewelry? The silver side of the girls seem to have that soft side to them, whereas gold has that edgier side. Could this be true?

The shiny gold seems to be the most popular, laying on a girl’s skin and complimenting every girl differently. 

“I think it compliments my skin and hair better than silver,” said junior Sophie Eisler, who has very subtle gold touches daily. 

Eisler has the luscious blonde hair and warmer skin tones that just makes her confident to wear, but gold versus silver isn’t all based on what completes a girl’s skin or hair better. It also has to do a lot with preference, or what an individual grew up always wearing. 

“Sometimes I wear silver jewelry if I’m wearing colors that compliment, but I have kind of always liked gold better,” said junior Ava Mastalir, who also makes gold her priority. “Also my mom has always worn gold so I just had it when I was little.”

Gold has such a personality right when a girl puts it on. The edgy, yet very simple, earrings and necklaces can make any outfit that much better. Just wearing a pair of gold hoops makes a girl look more dressed up then she may be, which is the whole effect of gold. 

“I feel like gold is more classy and elegant than silver jewelry,” said senior Chloe Jackson. “I used to wear silver, but I love the way gold jewelry reflects the sunlight.”

When just looking at a girl, one can tell what their characteristics are just based on the color of jewelry she is wearing. 

“I think there’s a difference in gold compared to silver girls,” Jackson said. “I feel like each has their own personalities. Most of my friends are gold girls. I feel like you can tell by someone’s vibe if they wear gold or silver.”

Gold is a statement. However, those who wear silver jewelers tend to be on the simplistic side. Silver jewelry has a much more soft and subtle touch to it, and those who wear silver jewelry find it much more accessible than gold. 

“Silver goes with every outfit and is way easier to style,” said junior Isabelle Molebash, who makes silver look very stylish. “Silver is everywhere in thrift stores, and the upside to it is that it doesn’t leave a green tint to your finger after wearing it.”

Just like gold, some individuals such as junior Shayna Roskoph have grown up with it. 

“I wear silver because my mom specialized in making silver jewelry so I’ve always just stuck to wearing it,” Roskoph said.

Gold and silver jewelry are both very unique in their own ways that add onto one’s physical appearance. The color of jewelry fits every individual differently, so if anyone is wondering, there are no groups of those who wear gold versus silver. It’s all about preference.