‘Ginny and Georgia’ Now Taking the Fame Away From ‘Gilmore Girls?’

“Ginny and Georgia” the new 2021 TV show appears to be copying “Gilmore Girls,” reusing its characters but updating the plot. *SPOILERS*


 “Gilmore Girls,” an early 2000s show, is set in the small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. This family-friendly show made for mothers and daughters first aired in 2000 with the loving mother role of Loreali Gilmore played by Lauren Graham and her intelligent daughter Rory played by Alexis Bledel. The show released  its final season in 2007, and then in 2016 came out with four episodes of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” which shows their lifestyle 20 years later.

 “Ginny and Georgia” is a newly made series targeting an audience of high school girls that came out in 2021 and is still ongoing, with new seasons scheduled to release in the next year. It is set in a small, wealthy town in Wellsbury, Massachusetts. Georgia, played by Brianne Howey, is a protective mother of two,  son Austin, portrayed by Diesel La Torraca, and daughter Ginny, played by Antonia Gentry. 

 As Gen Z has begun to watch “Ginny and Georgia,” many have noticed the similarities between this new show and “Gilmore Girls,” especially after “Gilmore Girls” is mentioned in the Pilot.

 “We’re like the “Gilmore Girls,” but with bigger boobs,” said main character Georgia.

 Did “Ginny and Georgia” try to do a semi spin off of “Gilmore Girls”? Did they simply run out of ideas and decided to pick the personalities and stories of characters that are already known and loved? 

 Generally, students at Summit High School view “Gilmore Girls” as the better show. 

 “I liked Gilmore Girls better because I grew up with it and they had a way healthier relationship and set a better example than Ginny and Georgia,” said sophomore Annika Burke.

 “Gilmore Girls” is a well loved chick flick known by many millennials and gen z. It’s a wholesome show with many fun characters. “Ginny and Georgia” has been viewed as very captivating, full of controversial topics which keeps many viewers interested in watching the show. 

 “Ginny and Georgia is kinda stupid, but it’s interesting,” said sophomore Matilda Morgan.

 “Ginny and Georgia” focuses more on current problems in the world and how it affects this family. Ginny and her peers all are going through difficult yet realistic trials. Depression, self harm, anxiety, body image issues, and their parent’s divorce to name a few. “Ginny and Georgia” is a darker version of “Gilmore Girls”. “Gilmore Girls” is seen as family friendly, highlighting the loving relationship between a mother and daughter while 

 However, both of these shows have a lot of similarities. A teen mother getting pregnant,  running away from her family and starting a new life. The other characters also have similar stories. They have restaurant owners as love interests to the mothers, bad boy boyfriends and awkward first love interests, and dads who come in and out of their daughters’ lives, often by riding motorcycles into town twice a year.





































































Shows are becoming less creative. “Ginny and Georgia” appear to be using many of the same characters as “Gilmore Girls.” At times, this seems almost intentional. They switched the plotline up to be more relevant to modern times but kept the basics of the characters the same. 

In “Ginny and Georgia,” there’s a lot more violence, which takes the show to a newer level but also is becoming too much, which may cause this series to fall short. This is similar to many other shows and movies, as they add more violence to make it a series interesting. It often becomes too much and is generally less creative. When “Gilmore Girls” came out in the 2000s, shows were a lot more wholesome and creative, however, now shows are centered in violence, like 13 Reasons Why, On My Block, Riverdale, and How To Get Away With Murder are becoming more identical.

“Ginny and Georgia” is good, but not good enough to be better than “Gilmore Girls.” “Gilmore Girls” is loved by many. There are many generations who adore this series and anyone can watch it, especially mothers and daughters. 

“Gilmore Girls it’s so much better,” said sophomore Matilda Morgan.

“I like the story line better,” said sophomore Bluesy Walker.

The characters are fun, loving and the series has amazing storylines to follow.

This show is perfect for anyone who is looking for a good show to watch. “Ginny and Georgia” tried to compete but “Gilmore Girls” took the win for this generation’s vote.