Culver school district pulls students from camp after learning of nonbinary counselors

Colette Lorge, Staff Writer

Culver Middle School’s abrupt decision to leave local outdoor school Camp Tamarack has left many people displeased. This past week, Culver Middle School arrived at  Camp Tamarack only to leave fifteen minutes later after finding out that some of the counselors identify as non-binary. However having non-binary counselors work at tamarack is not a new thing. 

Parents from Miller Elementary and Culver Middle School had shown concern with having non-binary students interacting with their children and Stephanie Garber, superintendent of the Culver School District, responded with a statement. Garber said that multiple students expressed discomfort and that she believes it was the best for everyone to drive home. While some parents and students were relieved this left Tamarack’s executive director Charlie Anderson and Bend-La Pine Schools’ Superintendent Steven Cook in a difficult position. While all three, Garber, Anderson and Cook expressed support for the LGBTQ community, Garber’s action has still left some offended.