Netflix’s GLOW Season 3 review

By Izzy Lavinsky

Glitter and spandex: welcome to the world of women’s wrestling. Netflix’s comedy-drama GLOW follows the lives the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a fictional female wrestling troupe set in the 80’s. Captivating and hilarious, GLOW recently released its 3rd season in August, 2019. 

Though Netflix could have easily relied on objectifying women in tiny bikinis to garner views, instead GLOW exposes societal injustices one body slam at a time. And the third season? Perhaps its best yet. 

The new season opens with the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling packing their bags and moving their wrestling show to Las Vegas. As the ladies begin to get more serious about wrestling, their moves become more complex and their outfits get wilder, culminating in a dazzling feast for the eyes.

Simultaneously, the women are faced with a myriad of new personal challenges. Head trainer Cherry (Sydelle Noel) worries about the effect of having a baby on her lifestyle, while Arthie (Sunita Mani) struggles with her sexuality and Jenny (Ellen Wong) is forced to deal with her often-racist roommate. With gripping drama and hilarious comedy, the 3rd season of GLOW is a must see. 

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