The Must-have Top

The trendy, new, scandalous Amazon open back tops have made a dramatic appearance on teen girls.


Avery Ruhl

Showing your back is back. The cheap yet adorable tops of simple ribbed cuts make this backless top trend more popular than ever. From bloggers to influencers on social media this trend has been trending all over the world. Though it may be starting to become the fall season, this trend won’t be going anywhere. This look will never disappoint and will surely come off as effortlessly fashionable.

From crop tops, halter tops, to backless tops has become more common than ever before. These tops are not only flattering but comfortable that they can be paired with any shorts or jeans. 

Senior Irelan Ullman has three of the backless tops in all different colors.Ullman recommends these tops to all teen girls because they are basic, but very cute. 

“My favorite color top is always changing, but currently I have really enjoyed the color blue,” Ullman said. 

“I love these tops, they aren’t that expensive and they upgrade any outfit. These tops are very stylish that can be dressed up or down and has a very sleek look to it,” Junior Paige Parton said. 

This backless top for women is suitable for all seasons and scenes. This is a simple yet stylish design that can be worn with diverse items to show different fashion styles while still expressing one’s unique self. 

“This is a classy top that compliments my features, and that is why I love to wear them,” Junior Mallory Rosen said. 

Endless options of colors with these tops are overwhelming; there’s just so many to choose from. However, one could never go wrong. The Amazon backless tops are a fabulous new trend that will be trendy for the next couple years. Trust, this top won’t be going out of style.