Mask Off

The Mask mandate is lifted, and the students have to make their decision


Ella Byrnes, Staff Writer

It is the first day since 2020 since anyone has shown their full face at school. Think about how many students had braces and got them off or got their nose pierced and haven’t gotten the chance to show it off yet. Taking away the mask mandate has allowed everyone’s emotions to be experienced and shared, like before the pandemic ever started.  

Some students couldn’t be happier about it.

“It’s been exciting and weird,” said senior Sanona Sunberg, a new student at Summit. “I think we will continue to stop wearing masks. I just hope we never have to go back,” 

Sophomore Ethan Hall has a similar opinion. Like many students, he never liked wearing the mask and hopes masks will stay off for the rest of the school year.

“I say it’s about time, I feel like the numbers have gone down, but I think if it were a month ago, I wouldn’t say the same thing,” Hall said.

Many students agree with the fact that this may be the right time.

“I think we have lots of county data regarding Covid-19 cases. Personally, I feel masking is such a simple thing we can do, ” said Orton. Orton goes on to explain that it will be difficult to enforce any sort of mask mandate from now on.

“Since masks are now not required, it would be really hard to bring the mask mandate back even if we really needed it,” said Orton.

Overall the first week of the mask mandate being lifted has been a big adjustment for all students, and staffers will continue to see a drastic change from it. After two years, students and staff finally experience school once again “normally” before the 2022 year ends. As the school year goes on and Bend transitions into spring, many are crossing their fingers that there isn’t an increase in cases, especially after students have returned from their spring break travels.